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Although, we request our customer to control things breaking for 9-5 hours, we know it doesn't happen that way.

With First Born Ventures, Inc. we are here for you anytime day or night. Water line break? We will come and either shutdown until morning or make the repair. If we can't make it for any reason we will have a number on-hand of who to call and if need be we will make the call for you.

Furnace quit? Yeah we will come for that too. We know that when it is 20 deg outside you need heat. We will come out get you up and running again. If we can't fix it until morning you won't pay for the emergency call and you will get half price labor for the repair. Again, if for some reason we can't make it we will have a number on-hand for someone who can.

At this time we are not servicing clogged drains. We are hoping to be purchasing the equipment for this in the near future. We will notify our customers by mail when this is available and posting it on our site as well.

Break-In? Call us. We can secure the property until morning or until police investigation is complete. Once the approval to continue with the repair is given we will have all of the materials ready to go to reduce the time it takes to make the repair. If we can't secure with normal materials we will have a security agency protect your property until repairs can be made. We know that you have enough to think about. Let us worry about the security.

Anything else? If you think it is an emergency, call us we want you to be happy.