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We are here to help. Check this page often for tips on how to save money on utility bills. Have a tip of your own? Email it to siteadmin@firstborninc.com and we will post it here.

  • A water heater can build up sediment on the bottom of the tank. This can cause the water heater to work harder to heat the water. Occasionally hook up a hose to and open the valve located next to the gas valve. Do this in a bucket so you can see if any sediment is coming out. Allow to run for a couple of minutes or until clear and sediment free. If no water or very little water comes out you have too much built up. You should consider replacing.
  • Replacing your mechanical thermostat with a programmable electronic style can save you a tremendous amount of money in heating costs. Set it for a lower temp when you are sleeping or gone for the day. This eliminates you having to remember to turn it down.
  • Another thermostat trick. If you have an older mercury type thermostat, (you can pop off the cover and if you see a vile inside it's a mercury type) you should make sure this is level for accuracy. If it isn't you might think you are setting it to 72 degree but you might really be setting it to 80+.
  • Replace normal light switches in bathrooms, laundry rooms, walk in closet, etc with motion detecting switches. These will stay on as long as there is movement but go off automatically. (Hint: set them for the lowest time setting). They are available for about $20. If you have kids, you won't have to keep telling them to turn off the lights. 

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